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On all of my filmmaker assignments, I also take the opportunity to capture important moments and portraits using the impressive capabilities of my Canon 1DX Mk2 and the L-series Lenses. The results tell their own story and are priceless when it comes to formulating treatments and supporting documents for any films I am making.


GE HEALTHCARE - On the Frontlines

U.S. (Season 1)

May to June 2020

Florida - drone flying to capture stills.
Paul Meir on R860 Ventilator Testing shift at the GEHC Madison Plant.
Pete Schweiker on the R860 Production Line at the Madison Plant.
A union worker on the R860 Ventilator Production Line that was making her own masks.
Mark Goyette on the R860 Production Line at the Madison Plant.
Productions associates volunteering on the R860 Production Line at Madison, WI.
Union worker on the second shift at the Madison Plant.
Workers train each other up at the Madison Plant, WI.
An R860 Ventilator gets handed over for final testing at the Madison Plant, WI.
The Union stamp of authenticity.
A Union worker assembling the core of the R860 Ventilator at the Madison Plant, WI.
Lori, the Logistics manager at the Madison Plant, does final checks before shipping the R860 Ventila
The empty streets of Chicago outside the Filed Hospital.
A GE Healthcare field engineer in Chicago
A worker comes out of retirement to help on the R860 Ventilator line at Madison.
My first shared meal in 8 weeks with Drewe in Atlanta - BBQ!
Olinee, a senior nurse at a Florida hospital relying on the Command Center capability.
Sanje, the expert on Command Center operations at Advent Health, Florida.

Paris Protests

December 2019

The French police were firm but restrained. Also kitted up for the worst case scenario.
A face that told a thousand stories.
13 years old - never too young to protest.
It is all in the eyes.
Place Denfert Rocheau - birds eye view.
Everyone is a filmmaker now.
Slow but methodical.
Firm but fair - impressed by French police.
Makes for a good picture.
No tear gas yesterday - but just incase.
They come in all ages.
The eyes of trouble.
Yellow Jackets.
Paris Protests-3430.jpg
The mesmerizing power of the flare.


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Legion Etranger or

For National Geographic

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Halima's Homecoming

For Teen Vogue

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