GE HEALTHCARE - On The Frontlines

U.S. (Season 1)

April 15, 2020

A 42-part Season One, documenting 42 stories in 42 days - of courage, innovation, compassion and science, as COVID_19 consumed the U.S and the world. Self-isolating in an RV, I drove 5000km from Wisconsin to Florida and back as states were closing down, and laterally as some, like Georgia and Florida, started to open again. In parallel, I was harvesting stories from as far as Wuhan in China, to Vietnam and Brazil.


Season 1


GE HEALTHCARE - On The Frontlines

EUROPE (Season 2)

June 1, 2020

Season Two: 'A Tale of Two Worlds,' travelled to Europe to take a deep dive into how countries were preparing for a second wave, while trying to reenergize their economies.  Mikey started off in the tech capital of Europe, Helsinki, routed through the Lombardy region in NW Italy, the original European epi-center of COVID_19 to spend time with intensivists, ambulance drivers, OBGYNs, and Cardiologists, before heading to Paris, to look at how AI is being developed with CT, Breast Screening clinics, and more.


Season 2


GE HEALTHCARE - On The Frontlines

INDIA (Season 3)

September 15, 2020

Season Three: has been filmed in India and is now in edit. Mikey travelled around the largest democracy in the world, on a Royal Enfield motorbike, looking at how India is improving access to healthcare for its 1.3Bn population.


Season 3