In my second career as a correspondent and filmmaker, along with national security and aviation I have also covered in-depth healthcare, mental health, political, conservation, religious, and energy-based stories broadcast on the BBC, CNN, ABC News, MSNBC, National Geographic, History Channel, Travel Channel, Vogue and my current major assignments with GE Healthcare. I am an accomplished correspondent, host, RED Komodo camera operator, writer and editor.

I can operate as a solo correspondent with a camera at high altitudes being an experienced mountaineer, or sub-surface being a qualified SCUBA diver. In the last few years I have filmed in Iraq, Siberia, South Africa, Peru, Nicaragua, Namibia, Vietnam, Columbia, Japan, Kenya, Ethiopia, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Europe, and the United States including Alaska.

My latest film for the BBC, My Autistic Big Brother & Me, I filmed and directed in the mountains of North Wales and spent 4 years writing and editing the initial 60 minute version. The 40 minute version aired on the BBC, and BBC iPlayer in early 2019.

In my first chapter, I spent 20 years flying and operating assault helicopters as well as strategic planning, in Her Majesty's Royal Air Force, serving on operational flying tours in Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia and Iraq, as well as strategy and diplomacy tours in Afghanistan, Sumatra (post-tsunami), India and Africa. I quickly rose to Senior Officer status and spent my final years before military retirement as a military advisor within the UK's Ministry of Defense.